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From outdoor furniture such as seating arrangements and daybeds to terrace furnishings such as grills and whirlpools to accessories such as radiant heaters and décor – we offer everything your heart desires.


The most beautiful place is outside

With our high-quality outdoor furniture, you can enjoy quality time outdoors. Comfortable lounge furniture and cozy daybeds create a holiday feeling at home. Impress your guests with stylish seating in an attractive ambience.

Deluxe terrace equipment

Our line of whirlpools, outdoor showers and accessories meets the highest standards of luxury and lifestyle. Choose from a variety of sophisticated equipment options that will transform your terrace into an oasis of well-being.

Bon Appetit!

Cooking in the open air with our trendy outdoor kitchens and professional grills is always an experience. We wish you every success!

Comfort at the push of a button

With energy-saving infrared radiant heaters, you can extend the patio season at the push of a button and generate cozy warmth in no time.