Step by step towards well-being with our natural and durable floor coverings.


Quality at your feet

High-quality floors characterized by permanent weather resistance and sophisticated materials enhance your terrace.

Floors and décor for the senses

We offer unique stones and edgings as borders and decorations that have functional added value.



When night falls, you can transform your terrace into a play of light and shadow with just one click.


Plug & play

Modern, modularly expandable lighting fixtures provide spectacular highlighting and are easy to install. Lighting design is more than just lighting. You will be surprised by our stylish lighting concepts.

Solar Power

Our energy-independent solar designer lamps and lights create lasting impressions during the day and unleash their charm in the evening.

Lighting design does not have to be expensive

Cleverly placed, our lights create an impressive ambience for every budget, even when used sparingly. Lighting done right is the like the difference between day and night!

Summer is too short to spend it watering.


The next heat wave is bound to come

Enjoy total peace of mind with our quality watering systems. With automatic watering you save a great deal of time and effort.

Fully automatic and computer controlled

With regular watering you can continually count on, your plants will always be taken care of even when you are on vacation.

Easy to use and durable

Our automatic watering solutions are easy to control, low-maintenance and frost-proof.

With our shade systems, you will always keep a cool head.


Farewell to sunstroke!

On hot summer days, relax under shade systems that blend harmoniously into the overall picture – including maximum UV protection and wind stability.

Multifunctional solutions

Our high-quality, flexible sunshade systems give you privacy and also ensure you stay comfortably dry during short summer rains. Space-saving, user-friendly and modern – our custom-made shading will impress you.

Our portfolio of planters, pots and raised beds includes a variety of state-of-the-art materials and designs. You will be surprised!


Made-to-measure taste – made-to-measure containers – individualized and timeless

Our diverse range of planters from exclusive manufacturers will meet your every need.

Quality beyond what you see

Our planters and pots are also characterized by high quality you can feel and see. Weather resistance and functionality are in the foreground.

Raised beds are always in season

Raised beds warm up earlier than garden beds. As a result, your plants will thrive and be ready for harvest sooner. Raised beds relieve your back and offer protection against pests and weeds.

More than just decoration – our selection of ornamental and useful plants is carefully tailored to your needs.


Flower Power

Experience the living power of the shapes and colors of a green terrace! With our tastefully selected plants you can create that special something and guarantee an unmistakable flair.

Urban Gardening

Growing fruit and vegetables on your own terrace and creating snack gardens or herb beds is healthy fun for the entire family.

Plants are green architecture

Whether they are lively decorations, privacy screens or shade providers, our plants fulfill a broad range of tasks and fit in harmoniously as design elements.


From outdoor furniture such as seating arrangements and daybeds to terrace furnishings such as grills and whirlpools to accessories such as radiant heaters and décor – we offer everything your heart desires.


The most beautiful place is outside

With our high-quality outdoor furniture, you can enjoy quality time outdoors. Comfortable lounge furniture and cozy daybeds create a holiday feeling at home. Impress your guests with stylish seating in an attractive ambience.

Deluxe terrace equipment

Our line of whirlpools, outdoor showers and accessories meets the highest standards of luxury and lifestyle. Choose from a variety of sophisticated equipment options that will transform your terrace into an oasis of well-being.

Bon Appetit!

Cooking in the open air with our trendy outdoor kitchens and professional grills is always an experience. We wish you every success!

Comfort at the push of a button

With energy-saving infrared radiant heaters, you can extend the patio season at the push of a button and generate cozy warmth in no time.

We create feel-good spaces tailored to your personal needs. Individualized design is particularly important to us.


Timeless throughout the seasons

Our “green” architecture designs match the seasons. Whether timelessly elegant or wildly charming, we design completely according to your wishes.

Feel-good rooms – adapted to your needs

We take the time to give you the best possible support with your individualized design – whether it’s a matter of a longing for rest and relaxation or leaving lasting impressions on your guests, and much more.

The sky is the limit

With us, there are scarcely any limits to your design. Your terrace will be as unique as you are – let us advise you free of charge!